Friday, October 1, 2010


One thing it took me a while to realize is that artist don't see things the same as non-artist, I see things in layers or textures and colors, shades and movement.  They all influence my work.  Patrons have to respect an artists interpretation of something as much as artist must honor their interpretation.  We should not have to explain why or how we arrive at our interpretations.  That is as varied as trying to explain emotions...on the other hand artist have to respect a patron that finds our work not exactly what they are looking for based on what their minds eye is thinking. Life is diversity and we should accept the fact that people view things and often along the way there is conflict of opinion but that is what makes us all unique.

There was an interesting discussion on LinkedIn about whether it is ok to produce cute or pretty art or is that taboo now days and unacceptable.  I think that like I said above so many people have different interpretations of what they consider buying for art to represent what they want to say in their home or office that it is hard to say whether a picture of a flower is pretty and not considered an artistic interpretation or it is just the thing a person needed to project that look in that particular room.

Whether a person collects abstract paintings or wooden baby chairs it is up to the patron to choose not for the artist to worry about whether or not they will be accepted by other artist because they do representational art versus interpretive.

Diversity, diversity, we find it in life, love, passion and art....leave it alone and don't be so quick to criticize another fellow artist.

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