Monday, January 11, 2016

Hero in Dr. Jeffrey Donner

Well it is three weeks since my spine surgery during which Dr. Jeffrey Donner of Loveland, Colorado went in and instead of fusing my ruptured disc he used a Coflex system where he removed the ruptured part of the disc and then placed the coflex which was a titanium H shaped piece in between my discs so that he did not disturb the muscles in my back and the surgery lasted one and a half hours and I was home eating broth for lunch within four hours afterwards.

Now not to say that I enjoyed this but this has to be the best way of treating a ruptured disc even though I do not know if everyone would qualify for this type of procedure. I do know two people that had the fusion done and within a short time had to have another fusion.

 I was in so much pain prior to surgery that I was unable to use the entire right leg and buttocks area (now you try to do without those). I am not trying to be personal about this but just trying to let everyone know that fusions are not always the direction to go and often have repercussions afterwards.

I am still restricted for the next three months as to lifting etc. but slowly and surely I will be back to my old self which I intend to take better care of from here on out. Hope this information helps someone or at least lets them know there are options out there.

Hopefully this will help someone that is possibly considering surgery or having back problems, ask questions and stay positive. Have two shows already scheduled, one in the Old Museum in Cheyenne, Wyoming and the other Lubbock in April at the Civic Center.

Happy trails and take care of your bodies we don't have spares