Monday, July 23, 2012

Art Demo's in Public

Doing an outside demo is always fun for me because I get to talk about my favorite passion and show people just how I arrive at pieces I create.

I was involved with a studio Creations, Art and Gifts in Louisville, Colorado and they were nice enough to let me demo in a tent outside during an art walk.

What you have to remember when you are introducing your particular medium to non-artist is that many do not have a clue as to the process.

I have been asked many times how I paint the metal onto the clay object and I am tickled to introduce them to the fascinating process of lost wax casting.

During a demo, I not only try to show them the creative process of the artist conception in clay but also the remainder of the process as referring to the mold, casting, metal chasing and patina. I try to explain that I am not the only artist that touches my work and I often refer to the other artist as my team because without them I would not be able to complete my work.

I usually take with me clays, waxes, molds and raw metal if available to show them as many examples of each process as possible.

I also invite them to take a tour at one of the foundries in Loveland (they give wonderful explanations of the process).

I have done demo's also during important shows such as the Loveland Sculpture Invitational coming up here soon in Loveland, Colorado.  When you have three days to talk you find all kinds of questions and almost form relationships with patrons letting them into your private world of creating. Don't sit back and just let them look at things, talk, talk and talk. A relationship with a patron is important in the sale of your work, they must feel a connection with you in order to feel connected with your work. Show the passion!