Friday, August 5, 2016

Most difficult post of all

Dear Patrons,
Everyone is probably aware of my surgery last December for a ruptured disc but you may not be aware that due to the stipulations put on me by my surgeon I will not be able to continue my sculpting.

This has been a long journey for me (twenty years) and probably the most difficult decision I have  had to make in my entire life. After my physical therapy and my post op visits I reviewed what was said and suggested and have changed a few things I do but it was not quite enough.

My surgeon has told me he does not want me back again and that back injuries are the most frequently abused just due to the fact no one does what they have to do...quite abusing our backs.
I promised him that I would not lift over 25# and that limits me to a lot of things.

My tent alone is over that limit even divided into four bags, even with the breakdown pedestals I purchased and wagon it is just too much. I am not whining I am just admitting that being an artist is not for injured backs.

Even when creating a miniature and my clay is put onto an armature and board that I have to transport to the foundry I am over my pounds much less a large piece. So it is not because I have not thought this out I am just trying to re-think what I want to do for the rest of my life and also stay healthy.

I have enjoyed creating these past twenty years and meeting all my patrons, that part I will miss the most. Also I have made friends of other artist all along the way which have been a family to me. I will go to each of the entities that have helped me in creating all my work and let them know how appreciative I am of their support and friendships...without them there would have been no "me".

I wish to thank Art Castings, Madd Castings and Josephs for being my foundries over the past twenty years, Ric Eighmy (best mold maker in the world) Jafe Parsons (best photographer in the world) and Deb Bakel (best patiner), Tom Love I will never forget you.

Currently I am selling everything that has to do with sculpture from tent to clay so wiping the slate clean as to begin again.

I do not know what life holds for me I just keep hoping that the old saying is true "when one door closes another one opens".

Happy Trails.....Peg