Friday, January 14, 2011

Re-thinking Ideas

Recently I have been talking to other artist that have been re-inventing themselves and trying to create according to the current markets. Sometimes if you can think of a project that still stays true to your beliefs and along the same genre that you feel comfortable with this is good, it is thinking outside the box. What I hear a little though is doubt...DOUBT, and that is sad. I know that all artist find a bad economy a challenge but it should not pick at your creative side and chastise it to the point that your internal voice tells you to give it up and try something just to make money. What it should do is open a door you have not peered into yet and let you see some opportunity that you could not fancy

When people are not investing in art they are often either buying personal gifts for a special person or even corporations are looking into utilizing the 1% For Art Program that quite often builds up in some locations and is threatened by the need in other areas therefore the tendency of a city to steal from that fund.  A bad economy just means that you need to research deeper and into those dark corners that you might not have ever considered before.

Quite often when I am stuck I go down and work in the studio for at least two hours even if it is just pinching up clay and warming it or cleaning off work space...what I find is that the environment that allows me to get my juices going again will kick in and get me excited again.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Hopefully if you are a patron, you are gearing up for the New Year and thinking just what types of galleries you will be enjoying this year on trips to wherever and just what type of art you are looking for to add to your collection. Often people collect in the same genre and other times they collect randomly according to their passions and "just happen to see". However you dedicate yourself to the arts, we as artist appreciate the fact that you are helping us to complete a dream and to continue creating. So whether you search for bronzes, watercolors, pastels or pencil please keep supporting the artist and their endeavor to put an emotion into a visual just for patrons such as you.

If you are an artist, this will be your year to tackle that project you have been putting off, this will be your year to branch out into another medium, this will be your year to smile inside yourself knowing that you are creating. If you have been in a funk because of the economy, this will be the year to pick yourself back up and know that good art is always desired and strive to become the best of whatever medium it is you choose to create in and thrive. If you just plain need a kick in the butt, let me know and I will send you some words of encouragement, it is good for artist to support artist, who else understand our emotional state better than ourselves.

Elusive Legend

Tranquil Moment

Wiley Coyote
 For myself, I am currently working on a  stone piece and a commission of a beloved pet  for a woman  so she will always have her pet in bronze as a memory. I am first obligated to begin with a clean studio and to get it organized for this new years projects.  I am also finishing up a project I had already started in 2010 of a horse and it is near completion.  Happy New Year to Everyone and here are a few pictures of coming up work that I will be posting on....if anyone ever wants to view more of my work, just log onto and pull up my name Peggy Campbell.