Monday, June 13, 2016

What is a "calling"?

I have heard "everyone has a calling" all my life. I used to worry for years that I did not know what my "calling was" until I began to see a pattern in my life.

My Mom used to tell the story about  me going to the hospital at five years old to have my tonsils removed, I promptly told the Doctor I had to hurry home and "take care of my little family".

Afterwards, growing up, even now, I love animals and humanity as well.  Having all kinds of pets as a child as well as giving my children all sorts of "critters" I also have enjoyed volunteering for numerous human endeavors.

I have on my website a statement that echoes my feelings about caring for animals being important for it speaks to the issue of our treatment of our land, air, water and mankind in general.

When you recycle, not use toxic products , care about the elderly and wish to pass something along to our children that isn't poisoned, destroyed or used up, that should be everyone's "calling".

Take care of our "little family" whether it has two feet or four they don't make more "Earths"!  How do you want to be remembered. Remember the old saying in the hippie days of the sixties? "If you aren't part of the solution you are part of the problem."