Friday, June 21, 2013

Good Photography versus Bad photography

Just a little note to try to show just how much a great photo can show off your work versus just how bad a terrible shot does and to tell you that regardless of how you show your work...Internet, galleries, magazines etc. you just have to have great shots.

This is a photo done years ago and at the time the world required that you have nothing behind a piece of work (especially no shadows).

See how the photographer used photo shop to delete everything in the background making it stand out to the viewer or judge approving or disapproving to get into a show.

We were actually told we would be thrown in the trash if any shadows were visible.

Recently I had a few new pieces done by a great photographer in our area of Colorado.  I had seen his work in several art magazines showing the talent of some pretty well known artist so he has been on my bucket list for quite a while.

See the way Jafe captures the light only in areas that show off an angle not just making it shiny.

To me Jafe Parsons is the best of the best in showing the pieces to your advantage and catching the attitude of a work and all the little subtle texture that I do.
If you want your work to show professionalism then give 110% in your work and hire only the best.