Thursday, February 19, 2015

Creating with Fearless Abandon

If you read me often you know I love books...well here is one to read." Coaching the Artist Within" by Eric Maisel

"Creating should come first thing every morning before the "mental chatter" begins and chores are demanding." Negative self-talk is a creativity killer.

Effectively coach yourself- can you positively influence yourself, openly communicate with yourself, monitor yourself and chat with yourself. You birth someone who knows you, chids you, congratulates you and loves you when you need it.

Fearlessly acknowledge the problem.
Inquire as to why.

"When you can't step away from yourself to observe, when you are boxed into yourself, your sight is myopic and your thinking repetitive and stereotypic. You can't see answers in fact you can't even see questions."
If you don't think that you, your ideas, or your work matters you won't have the motivational juice to create.
"What I think and create matters."  (mantra)
"Act like you have an inner cheerleader."
Make your life meaningful to at least yourself.
Live authentically!

What is your real reason for living and the role you intend to play in life?
Fill your days with Love of Life! (and it will show in your work)

This is an older book but I still may invest in it to have to re-read often...great read.