Saturday, October 17, 2015

Eric Maisel...again Coaching the Artist Within

If you have read this I am sorry but it is worth repeating, Eric Maisel is fantastic and I wish I had all his books." Creating is real work, takes more of our mind, heart, and hands....provokes anxiety, opens us up to the possibility of mistakes and messes."

Mental energy
generates - desire, anticipation, excitement, passion
saps - fear, doubt, worry and concern
replenishes - courage, clarity
How can you increase your mental energy
desire - think more positive about creating and less about money
anticipation - research a piece you really want to do where you are excited to complete it
passion - either reward yourself for each goal reached or renew your love of animals by doing something concerning animals
Really think about why you do what you do and regain your passion

desire - why do you enjoy what you do? This is not something that you just pick up for a day or two and drop, it is something that plays in your head all your life, maybe in the form of something other than your choice of medium but creativity is there all the same. Women say to me all the time I just don't have any talent...duh! You create in your meal planning, dressing, decorating your home even baking a cake or cupcakes everyone is blessed with the creative mode, men it is messing with gadgets. I have this best friend that has a husband that can't admit he is talented but he can look at something and create magic in his head or he can use something that is salvage to come up with a very creative idea.

"...positive, obsessions are forward looking...pleasurable and engrossing.  These thoughts are characterized by feelings of competency and ability, even power...and lead to excitement and energy.
"...negative obsessions are backward thinking...chatter...replays of bad decisions, bad experiences, disasters etc...characterized by feelings of incompetence, stupidity or powerlessness."  Rosemary Antel

"In fact, they will prevent us from moving forward and achieving our goals, because of the attention we give to them:. Aleta Pippin
"You must be able to create in the middle of things, or else you will not create.".

Everyone must think of themselves as unique and not like anyone else in the world and also that they create like no one else in the world, this is who you are and what you do.

"I would love for you to learn to drop everything and go create. The phrase "drop everything" means dropping your resistance, dropping your doubts, dropping those aspects of your personality that hold you down, dropping your nagging to-do list, dropping all the reasons that you and your effort don't matter..."
That was one of the  most profound statements in the entire book, if we could just learn to do just that without guilt.
"suit up and showup" no excuses. Don't set yourself up for high expectations everything starts small - if you expect too much of yourself you'll fail. Enjoy, otherwise why are you doing it at all.
Have a great day..........