Saturday, September 21, 2013

Entering Show (Requirements)

 Kenai Crossing

Rimrock Muley
Many shows now require more than one shot of a particular entry therefore you should plan in the very beginning  putting your portfolio together to meet this requirement.
We talked earlier in another post about the requirements of the size of pixels  and this just further references the ongoing changes in the demands of shows.
This is another example of the type of requirement for the shows, it is a view of exactly what they can expect from my booth.  The only thing missing is the tall studio chair that I place in the back row that places me on the same level as my patrons so that I can actively participate in any conversation without moving into the patrons space. I actually have 12 pedestals that I re-arrange to complete the needed arrangement for my particular space. The arrangement is completely determined by the number of pieces I take to a show.

You don't want to overwhelm the viewer but you want them to feel welcome and able to explore the inner tent and your work.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sad Past Week

As some of you may know I was to be in Estes Park for their Art Festival this past weekend. Thurs. morning it began raining terribly and I communicated with one of the organizers of the show to get some feedback.  She decided that possibly she would contact especially those coming from out of state since they would be in the process of leaving if not already headed our direction that she felt that it was going to be too wet to even set up our tents much less have the traffic expected.

Luckily we did not make that journey up the Big Thompson Canyon that next day and also woke to find Greeley and surrounding area a virtual lake.  We watched as it crept closer to our hill we reside on and wondered about those unfortunate enough to live along the Platte River which was already well beyond its banks.

It has been so sad to see the homeless, the destruction and the death of several people caught in this completely unexpected experience.  We had been experiencing so much drought this summer that I don't feel anyone could have anticipated what has happened.

Today is the first bit of sunshine we have had since last Wed. but all it does is let us see the destruction around us.

The canyon I love so much is destroyed in places and people are dead, missing or have had their homes and all belongings wiped is almost too much to comprehend.  I pray that the people in small towns like Lyons, Estes, Evans and even Orchard and beyond can come together and let those of us that did not feel the lose help....right now though it seems so massive.  Those that were on the flood plain will probably not be allowed to rebuild and a lot did not even have flood insurance.  A count updated today was that it damaged 19,000 homes.

Please pull up the newscast on internet and even on Facebook for the pictures taken from the air, it will blow you over but hopefully it will also make you feel grateful....not for the possessions that you have but for the loved ones you have.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Look, look and look again!

I have probably spoken about this before but it warrants repeating many more times.

It is one of my worst faults, that of creating as if I am on a time slot and not paying attention to some of the most important rules - measuring then re-measuring and keep re-measuring until a piece is done and even then re-measuring.

I don't care how good you are, measuring takes all doubt away.

Often when you are working on a piece you get so lost in tunnel vision you forget the entire piece and just focus on the eye or neck or antler that you are interested.

Recently one of my "who" people that I love dearly went down to see what I was working on and "kindly put" explained how I had two different animals going on in one body. (If you missed my blog about the "who" in your life go back and read "another great powerful read".)

I realized I had been so intent on getting my favorite part just so that I had neglected to continue to re-measure to give it a balanced look.  Your eye is fickle when it comes to your work and convinces you all is well and all is perfect.

This goes back to what I have said about taking photo's of your progress (often photos make you admit something isn't right).  Use your mirrors in the corner (one on one wall opposite another on the other wall) so you can see it in the round.  Often just covering it each night can also spring the truth on you the next day.

This reminds me of the old saying "do what I say don't do what I do".  Why do I hurry, who knows, I think our world rushes so therefore.....