Saturday, September 21, 2013

Entering Show (Requirements)

 Kenai Crossing

Rimrock Muley
Many shows now require more than one shot of a particular entry therefore you should plan in the very beginning  putting your portfolio together to meet this requirement.
We talked earlier in another post about the requirements of the size of pixels  and this just further references the ongoing changes in the demands of shows.
This is another example of the type of requirement for the shows, it is a view of exactly what they can expect from my booth.  The only thing missing is the tall studio chair that I place in the back row that places me on the same level as my patrons so that I can actively participate in any conversation without moving into the patrons space. I actually have 12 pedestals that I re-arrange to complete the needed arrangement for my particular space. The arrangement is completely determined by the number of pieces I take to a show.

You don't want to overwhelm the viewer but you want them to feel welcome and able to explore the inner tent and your work.

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