Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"you have eternity to think about it"

Remember the line from "Out of Africa" where Robert Redford said "I don't want to find out someday that I'm at the end of someone else's life."

From now until January 1, 2014 we all need to make a list of all we dream of for 2014.  Remember "Dreams only become reality when we keep our commitment to them." 

Tack that list up in your work space.  Whether it be take a class, finish a piece we have  had covered up for 6 months, break out into a new gallery or enter a new show.  Throw that challenge out there for yourself (often if you aren't pushed 6 months can fly by far too fast). Get yourself outside of your comfort zone. Each day look at that list and try to work toward that goal in some way even if it is just to make a phone call for that class or sketch out an idea for a painting or sculpture. Take that piece you are hung up on and turn it on its side cover it up and do not look at it for a week, then take a peek, something will grab you and off you will go again.

If there is something that you would like to do to refill your well then contact a "who" on your list and plan an artist date with them to do it.  (If you do not know who your "who" is then you must go backwards and read my post on Another great powerful read). They are the most integral part of a creative persons life...if you do not have "who's" it will be hard to become the person you want to become.

Just remember it does not matter what you put on your list no one will see it but you and it can range from the most simple thing to one of the most important things in your life....own it, it is yours. You can re-invent yourself every morning of your life and become the person you dream.

"Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin." author unknown

"Live like tomorrow is a GIFT and you have eternity to think "what did I do with it." author unknown

Friday, November 8, 2013


Well it is approaching a new year and a new experience in creating and I may be quiet for the next month or so because of obligations to family and a gentler time of the year, one to give thanks and also one to reflect and rejuvenate oneself.

Wish all a great Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas and hopefully you are all looking forward to a new adventure in shows and creating new work and having the gratitude in your life to appreciate the fact that you can work at something that gives you such joy and purpose. Keep in mind also that shows are already showing online for 2014 and the deadlines are approaching as we speak. Myself I am hoping to get into several new shows this year and have already said yes to showing for a month in a gallery in Evergreen...more details later as it is not until April and joy...see you on down the road.