Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This might be a great spot to have input on bases for your piece. Bases can be chosen either when the piece is in wax for size comparison or after patina is in place for color comparison or to compliment a certain patina.

I have used three separate bases on the buffalo piece "Keeper of the Sacred Spirit". The original was sandstone, then oval wood base was requested on one edition then a highly polished stone another. 
Each patron had their own preference, it is important to listen to them. In fact due to one of these patrons buying this particular piece in Wyoming I have not since placed my name plate on the base. He made me think, what is important here the beauty of the piece or a brass name plate (I include my plates when I sell a piece now and leave it to the patron as to whether they place it on the work or not). Your name and copyright, edition number etc. is on the bronze itself anyway (usually in a discreet area).

Note:  This edition "Keeper of the Sacred Spirit" only has five remaining copies and once these are sold mold will be destroyed.

I usually take a wax on its way to the foundry by the base shop that I use and discuss my options and look at them while I have the paper pattern in hand. You also consider the edge you would like and also the thickness to compliment the work.  Sometimes as you can see on some of my pieces I have actually combined stone and wood for an amazing look.

One particular piece (the first I ever created) was a tribute to a man who had been in the beef industry for quite a while and was stepping down.  I created three different breeds (just the heads) looking through a pipe fencing over into a feed bunk.  The feed bunk was the base and was created out of a piece of walnut shaped like a feed bunk and made the piece pull together as a unit.

So sadly the base can either make or break a piece of sculpture...think of it as the final addition to your edition.

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