Friday, March 13, 2015


I know you are wondering where the Big Horns are and where in the process they are...they are being placed on a walnut base at the moment and will not have any photographs until April (first week) so must be patient which is always hard for me to be, have already had a gentleman look at it and make an offer but it was just a shy short of where practicality steps into the picture. Never rip yourself off trying to make that piece start moving right away before you even have it public there will always be people watching a piece that are familiar with the foundry and process.

Always remember until you have all your figures and expenses and can know exactly what you should charge not to cheat yourself you can not allow that piece out of your possession even if and especially if you have not even taken it home yet or to its first showing.

Always remember also that you have no photos of that piece and in the beginning it is so important to not sell a piece of work without pictures. It is your most important marketing tool. You can not sell Ed. #2 without pictures of Ed. #1 to use in marketing while the other is still in the foundry process.

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