Monday, July 28, 2014

New Friends

I have to tell you I am always so impressed with the quality of art I see at the shows I do. I met a man with turned wood, a lady with antique door knobs on hardware that were gorgeous, a very talented print lady (check her out at  and an egg tempura artist these all at the Chessman Art Festival in Denver.  Most artist can not afford to pay big bucks into these shows and not have quality work. Most of the people I met are so good at what medium they chose such as  at the Jackson Hole show I met Cathra-Anne Barker (check out her wonderful art at Each time I have a show I meet phenomenal artist again such as and all sweet talented artist.
I enjoy so much meeting the other artist and I want to always mention them in reference to a quality always is not about the money (even though it helps pay for your travel and show expenses and seed money) but also the relationships you form along the road. Not only the artist but you get to visit with a lot of remarkable people , the organizers that work their tails off to make the shows work, the patrons that walk all day through the tents patiently looking for that perfect work.
As usual we had various weather in Denver for the Chessman Park Art Fest, it burned us, it melted us, we ended up opening up the back of the tent to let in fresh air but yet had to keep an eye open for the dark clouds that would promise rain. I used two portable battery operated fans inside the tent that both myself and the patrons appreciated.
I had a nice surprise as the time arrived to pull down our tent and pack everything daughter, her husband and my two grandchildren arrive to help and it really went a lot faster.
So thanks to all for a job well done.
One more show to go and I will complete my journey this year, it is Estes Park and I will hopefully be able to include some pictures with my entry in September. Happy trails.

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