Monday, February 10, 2014

Visual Records

One of the most important things an artist must keep are visual records of what a patina looks like or where work is welded and I do both.  Below are a few of the pictures I took of weld points or areas of concern that occur during the process of producing another edition.

The piece is Distant Thunder and it is on its 4th edition and I usually do not cast the next edition until the previous one has sold some artist cast the entire edition at the same time but I just can not afford to do that.

What I have tried to capture are the most important images for the welder to notice that will make the most difference in spacing or solidness of the piece.

This not only shows how far off the base the front foot projects but also the other two feet welded secure.

This shows the spacing between the animals so that the welder will not weld them together.

Front of animal, so now you have idea of positioning.

Sorry this is again one that I can not seem to turn around shows the welding of back animal and spacing on base.

This shows the back animal to aid in spacing.

When you have these references you are good to go to welding.  Notice though this is not a great way to depict the coloring of the patina, you need better views lighting and be able to check and compare patina to pictures before it leaves your possession. Notice difference in these and studio picture.


Refuge in the Wetlands is lifesize so it contains a lot of weight to be supported by the creation of the cattails.

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