Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fiesty Visitor (wren)

This was a fun piece to do (as are all my pieces). My sister lives in Georgia and has a lot of birds visit her backyard so this is a piece I did with her in mind.

I have started doing something to lesson the expense of my work in the molding process.  My foundry said that I could use anything to support my work as long as it burned out and was covered with a layer of wax (16th Inch) so I have been experimenting with all types of weeds and leaves.  Often the fall brings on a beautiful death for all types of plants as they die and wither.

This was a fast piece to do because I kept simple and designed it to be a miniature and tall in consideration of filling a space that is limited to weight or an area that cries out for a little height.

Sorry about the condition of these pictures I have failed to be able to straighten them in the right direction even though when I pull up the disc it shows them correct...must be a glitch in blogspot.

Feisty Visitor is a wren and I thought the patina lends itself to it very well.

This was just a simple design to not distract from the delicate atmosphere of the stems and bird.

The only part I regret is that I have to prefab the feet and ends of legs in wax each time I do an edition.

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