Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Flipside by Flip Flippen

Do you ever wonder "have I really been living to the fullest of my ability"?

This book refers to personal constraints holding people back.  The book takes you on a journey to help you identify your personal constraints, "which behaviors do I need to change and how can I change them?"

I can not say any of his descriptions explained my constraints very well but I definitely am aware of mine.

Starting in chapter 15 though he had some good advice.

"If we don't act-then we don't become".  As a woman, often things get so busy that being an artist gets set at the end of the list. One of the best things Flippen says is "live by design rather than by default and provide a systematic and steady path for growth".

I don't mind sharing some of my constraints and you can do yours alongside me as we walk through this.

Goal...more dedicated time for my art.

List of strengths...passion for sculpting.

Top constraint...lack of self discipline.

Steps...begin by organizing my days not around life but my art taking priority.  If scheduling a calendar that is visible constantly and has set goals that help keep you on track all week, great.

Do you want to be like a racket ball bouncing off of life's little outcomes or do you want to have a definite direction and intention.

Know in your heart that you are doing something you love and want to accomplish.  Acknowledge the fact you want to learn and continue learning all you can about your passion.  Push yourself and learn to say no when something else tries to interfere with your schedule.  Lastly be proud of yourself and accomplishments.

In order to strengthen my integrity as an artist I must grow and act like an artist in all facets of life, creating, marketing, and continue to educate myself in the process.

When you arrive at the end of the week and realize you are living the life you dreamed you can be proud to call yourself an artist.

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