Sunday, December 1, 2013

Commissions 2013

Often commissions are a delightful surprise during the average working year...they not only add to your creativity because maybe it might be something you would not ordinarily try but they also give you money that is unexpected along with your average edition sales.

This was a delightful mastiff that I grew to like in the days doing her in clay and meeting her mom and dad. Sadly she passed away (she was old for such a large dog) several months into this project which made the piece I did hopefully more precious to them.
If you notice I put her favorite stuffed toy into the sculpture also making it more personal.

This was a piece of three dogs belonging to two brothers in the process of being deployed  before I would get done. This depicts a Samoyed, Siberian husky (male and female) and as you can tell by the pictures behind each piece, turned out as they wished.

This shows three different views of a colt that was full grown when a Canadian woman commissioned this piece of the mare as a colt.  It had a particular blaze and coloration and turned out just as the pictures she sent me. 

This was what is considered a Colorado Red and was a mothers dog and her son had a piece commissioned for her after the dog had passed away.
As you notice I have a little paving and brick look beside the dog so that it looked as though he was laying in his favorite spot at home. Hopefully it gave her some comfort.
This just gives you a few examples of what I have done as commissions and how to make it personal for your patron, whether it be in coloration or position or familiarity of surroundings.   Do not ever be afraid to attempt a commission, just think of it as an adventure and you get to meet some really nice people that love the subject matter just as much as you do re-creating it.

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