Saturday, February 23, 2013


Recently I had a bad experience in a gallery because of what I consider an important reason.  I always supply not only a biography to my galleries but also my artist statement and sometimes a story that goes with a piece. This particular gallery is in a heavy traffic area during the tourist filled time.

If you ever want to know what your gallery is doing for their 50% or more, have a friend go and inquire, just basic and listen.  The statement was "nice piece", "do you know anything about the artist?" "No nothing, you know people are so into texting and using their iphones they just aren't buying."

Now is that not a marketing ploy? Confuse the poor patron so badly that they forget what they asked about.

You know what I wish galleries would do is realize they should know everything they can about each artist in their gallery.  Yes, I realize there are those that do and I applaud them but this person was as interested in selling art in that gallery as I would be watching paint peel.

You know if you are a gallery owner reading this I am sorry but we give you our work to exhibit and expect some type of accountability (as with us). 

We as artist should work hand in hand with the gallery in doing demo's, art walk nights etc. to keep visual in the patrons mind.  Exposure is exposure but what is the difference in being in my home versus in a business that has forgotten it is a gallery.  Pay a visit to galleries you wish to be in before you make a commitment then offer help in any way to aid in marketing your gallery.

I have a gallery I love to visit in Ft. Collins and I am never disappointed when I inquire about the artist...who ever is there always gives me verbal background on anyone and then goes to get a brochure.  She also shows such pride in explaining all the artist are local.

Other options are doing a variety of marketing venues, a combination of online sites, 3 day shows and galleries leaving you in a sweet spot all year round. Granted I am still adding to my venues, daily but hopefully I am spreading myself like a good rash.....all over.

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