Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lab pup, cute or artistic?

There is always quite a conversation on what exactly is art and whether an artist should do "cute" pieces or should they do creative, artistically unique work.

This is a problem for artist that do representational work because we constantly float between doing what we think people will love and what we love ourselves or experience.  I happen to love labs and we have had quite a few wonderful dogs.

In your lifetime you will see moments that tug at your heart that you just want to freeze and this particular moment that I have tried to capture here is just that moment.

First Retrieve
I worked this up in Chavant clay and used an armature that is fairly large to capture the awkwardness of this pup. The trouble with puppies is that they do not stay the same size long at all so you are either constantly hurrying or you constantly change your design as the pup changes. My thought is to work fast and be able to catch the  moment within the week or two that you desire. Measure, measure and take photo's of every little detail...remember people that will be attracted to this piece love labs and pups and will know if anything is not right.

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