Thursday, April 19, 2012

Crazy time! Exciting time!

This has been a very busy time for me and as I have mentioned before on my blog, your work should always come first not the internet requirements or marketing.  If you do not have the work or portfolio there is no need for the other.

I am trying to finish up a commission that has been a difficult piece, it is a mastiff.  Hopefully it will go to the mold maker next week and I can get on with life.  I am at the same time also working on and finishing up a mule deer and taking some molds to the foundry.

For the next few months until Aug. you will probably hear less of me than you have ever heard but it is because the Loveland Sculpture Invitational has always meant a lot to me and I am in it the second weekend in August. It is a major show for me and I usually do well in selling as well as commissions. This will be my fifth year to participate.

This is one of the largest sculpture shows in the US and is held under seven large tents with almost 300 artist so it is very competitive but gives you the opportunity to talk with the patron and him or her to you which is very important. You see every type of medium available and every subject matter.

I will post later when the details are closer at hand but hopefully if you are a sculptor (beginning or honored) you will come visit the show and say hello.  If you are a patron please come enjoy yourself and visit and ask questions or watch demo's.  With the economy picking up we are expecting a great year.

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