Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Been reading a book recently The EMyth Revisited - Gerger and a lot of it pertained to business but some could also apply to art and creating a business around art. It discussed the fact that each business venture had a entrepreneur (the dreamer, drive and energy) a manager (lives in the past, loves organization, order, sees problems or the worry wart) and the technician (the doer, the creative).

We probably all struggle with these same characters in our lives each and every day and in essence Gerber explains that if a decent time is not given each of these characters that in time one will dominate and destroy the business....which is the strongest personality in your life?

If each characteristic doesn't receive its own opportunity, freedom and nourishment, your business will slow and mirror your lopsidedness. You can't just create and ignore the "financial accountability" the "marketing accountability" and the "sales and administrative accountability".

What you need is order, excitement and continuous growth.
              order - disciplined schedule, tools etc. plan
              excitement - constant filling the inner well so that you stay excited and full of ideas
              continuous growth - expanding marketing, new shows, website, gallery exposure

This great advice can be applied to almost every facet of life. The work you produce should be a reflection of who we are - how we do our work becomes a mirror of how we are inside.  Work is only an idea before a person does it. But the moment a person does it, the impact of the work on the world becomes a reflection of that idea.  "You become the force that breathes life into the idea behind the work".''

This was great reading when applied to your own particular issues. Thanks for dropping in for my thoughts.

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