Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Google funny!

Have to tell a funny on Google, this past weekend I was with my daughter and grandson and my daughter came in with an inquisitive look on her face and said that my grandson had some squiggles in his diaper and she was thinking something was wrong. I am not talking a few squiggles either!

Before I could even think she said well "lets just google squiggles in diaper" on google and see what comes not being as techy as she looked at her with probably doubt on my face.

Seconds later she is telling me of a woman with similar circumstances on the Internet and that it was the bananas that she had been feeding her baby that caused the squiggles...well I'll be darn if we had not been attempting to begin feeding him bananas the day before.

That just goes to show you that "google" covers all subjects even "squiggles in diapers". Thanks for enjoying a laugh together.

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