Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Most people, especially artist would love to hear from visitors, whether it be good or bad response. Input is input and it is always great to hear what other people think or need to see or hear.  If you have something that you are curious about or just a question about the process, I will try to answer your questions. Life as an artist is not easy, it takes a lot of work and thought before you can even start a piece of work.

Whether you are a patron and your piece has not been shown yet or you keep checking to see what new has come along, let me know. If you have an animal that you are curious about let me know and I will show it. If you are an artist and have a question about something that I have said, ask it, there is not a dumb question only whether or not I will be able to answer it or not. If not I can perhaps point you to the right people that can answer your question. Maybe you can just say hello! Same goes for my physical studio, if ever any of you are in the Colorado area, you are welcome to come by and drop in to see what is on the pedestal.

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