Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Distant Thunder

Opportunity often falls into your lap when you begin looking around your area for a subject matter that you can actually view in close proximity to your work space....even greater when the opportunity affords you the ability to have your pedestal there where you can view and work at the same time.

Distant Thunder
 I am fortunate to have a buffalo farm nearby and Dave the owner let me sit and do a piece a few years ago, well since that time (one of my first posts) I have created a few other pieces based on the buffalo.

This was an exciting piece to develop, and as often the case I thought of the title long before the piece was finished. "Distant Thunder" depicts a herd out on the plains that is hearing the thunder of the coming storm in the distance and reacting to it in the only way an animal has of expressing fear of the unknown.

These buffalo were all created on their own armatures separately and then welded into place upon casting. Note the difference in the female and the males (these are also young males) a lead male bull is not as impressive as the young males as in later years they mass up terribly and are all bulk it seems.

This depicts three males and one female with a calf by her side, calves are born to run almost as readily as young pronghorn. The chavant clay lends itself to the nice texture I was able to do in the hair of the buffalo. A few sparsely placed cactus gave it a base for prairie placement.

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