Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Refilling my vision

Wily Hunter
Got away to the mountains to check out the foliage this weekend and enjoy the last few days of Fall that you can actually enjoy in a tent. It was chilly at night (in the 20's) but fun all the same.  Had a wonderful camp sight up at Long Draw reservoir. The beetle kill is ruining the  pine trees but the aspen were changing and beautiful. The camp was just at the edge of a valley so you could actually survey the entire area looking upstream from the lake to the mountains.  Even the small bushes were colorful in their bright reds and oranges.

 Talk about recovery time...wow...did I ever forget the problem with my molds. This is what I meant about refilling your artistic energy and feeling the excitement again. This is where your passion lays so take hold of it and own it...never feel that you are lost and run down without any idea of creating again.

I saw moose, coyote and enough fresh air to amp up my creativity.

Just try to remember your soul is like a bucket and needs refilling constantly, it is not as easy as some people think to just sit down and create.  You have to be in "the mood" but you have to also have a content heart, one that is just ready to create, not worry about tomorrow or yesterday or whether he said or she said.  Art is your baby and your creation and this is your sweet spot to go to and create something that no one else can create.

Whether you be in the mountains, on the back deck or just sipping something refreshing and listening to soft (or loud) music...this is you, your soul is searching for a way to express an idea...let it out.

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