Thursday, September 16, 2010

artist friends

I find in my development along the way I have had support and advise from other artist and hopefully they realize how much I value their friendship. I feel sad for those that are too busy to share their solutions or encouragement.  All is helpful whether you have been in the business 30 years or just beginning.

I recently spent a day with a couple (both being artist) and soaked in as much artistic vibes and knowledge as possible.  Deb Jenkins (can be found on ) and her spouse Walt who is still shy about his creativity are both artists I can have a quiet, calm day or a fact filled activity and come away feeling my senses have been filled. Best advise, surround yourself with artist friends...great input for the senses and heart. I would not even be blogging if it were not for the encouragement of another phenomenal artist Judith Meyers also found on Be inspired.  Most good artists are great people, often shy about their work, take Stephen Spears (check him out online)for example, he does monumental work and does not even have a brag bone in his body.

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