Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"Chicken Taxi" and armatures

I know we have discussed armatures before but I thought I would include a few pictures of them anyway.
This is showing one that you can purchase at an Art Supply Store (notice it has a jointed main post)

This is one of the ways you can build your own of the above using a flange, pipe, T pipe and aluminum sculpture wire.

You want it to be tight so wrap a fourth wire tightly around bundle


This would be a basic armature for an animal leaving a wire for each leg, the head and neck and tail to crop as needed
This piece was actually one of my favorites because it was fun, quick and showed a sense of humor.
The title actually came first and then the development of the work which will happen sometimes.

This would have worked for Chicken Taxi especially since he has such a beautiful long flowing tail, you don't cut these until you are sure of what you do not need.

The chicken is of wax because it was so small it was easy to do, notice the texture in the hair of the fox, remember it is done with an old scratchy washcloth against warmed clay (use the hairdryer). I especially love to give it the little wisps around the ears as they normally have and the Chavant holds up perfect for the molding process even in little details like this.

You will notice I gave it deep enough base to not overflow every time you pour that hot wax and also deep enough to accommodate the nuts and bolts placed underneath to hold it onto the base.

Note:  When doing this much texture make sure that you not only check each side to make sure your texture matches equally on each side but also call the attention to your foundry as to the amount of texturing so that the welder or chaser is aware.

This was a fun piece and has already sold its first edition just from being seen in the clay, thanks to patrons that watch me demo and love animals as much as I do. Will add photo of finished piece as soon as I get one back from the photographer. This is also a very small edition of only 10.

Thanks as always for dropping into my studio. Let me hear from you.

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