Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just wondering

It seems most of my views that are on the post  I am explaining a technique that I use or something I am working on, I could use some feedback on what it is my viewers would like to see or would be interested in watching me do.

I realize that the times you are reading me you are away from your own creating or personal time so I want it to matter. Let me hear from you and if I can possibly help or explain I will. I was recently talking with a woman that works in another medium and was curious about the process of lost wax, I steered her in the blog direction but I also remind people that only by going back to the very beginning of the blog can they get all the necessary steps of clay to bronze.

I have recently been searching for a new camera, digital and a new experience for me so wish me luck and I would welcome any advice from any artist currently using one.  I use mine not only for long shots of animals for research but close up of details and also my online submissions.

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