Monday, February 13, 2012

Domestic animal sculpture depicting an industry

I have been blessed with the pleasure of having several commissions for the beef industry which has put food on my table for years and I admire ranchers and farmers tremendously.
USDA Prime
This depicts a finished steer and the pride of an industry and the work put into a steer over a period of 120 days or more.
Sheep Industry

This is a desktop of an industry that I see a lot of in Colorado and was honored as well to do some work for these nice people.


This piece was created for a feedlot and depicts two steers looking through the pipe fencing and is perfect for a desktop depicting your office decor and an opportunity to show a customer that you are committed to reflecting your lifestyle even in your office.

All of these pieces as well as others were done on location and viewing the animals up close.

I always challenge any industry to welcome an artist to do a piece either for entry or office to depict the very industry they represent.

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