Thursday, October 20, 2011

Busy, Busy

I know it must not seem like it viewing the blog but I have been busy. Once you have a piece done in clay things seem to start to really demand time and energy that pull you away from everything else.

This month I have had to locate a new mold maker and test the waters, I have explained in earlier posts that if the mold is complicated I tend to hand it over to a professional instead of adding to my frustration. I feel that I do as much on a piece as possible the rest I leave to a knowledgeable artist in their own right.

I am only about 35 miles from the foundry I use and each piece I create means driving to each entity several times to either discuss, process or pick up my work. I am always a bit apprehensive when dropping a piece off but I also have learned to trust the people that do a great job for me.  The new mold maker will just be a new family member to the entire process.

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