Thursday, June 30, 2011

Toothpicks and Foil!

Just a thought, I was driving in Denver traffic the other day on I25 at quite a clip (along with the other 2 million cars) and saw three different accidents.

These were normal size cars to small cars (because everyone is trying to buy cars that get a great mileage) and there was not one of them that a driver looked as though they had survived in the crash.  I wish that manufacturers would go back to producing automobiles that were made of something other than aluminum foil and toothpicks....I know, I know because of the price of steel and etc. we will never see sturdy bumpers that would take anything less than ten miles an hour and just leave a tiny scratch. My daughter and I were in a wreck when she was one and it was in an older vehicle made of real metal and we survived and the policeman said it was because of that very fact.

I also realize that now days with the price of gas and oil, tires, cars and loss of jobs that someone has got to pay attention to the little guy that is just barely hanging on here and come up with a economical transportation that will heal the earth's pollution, hang the oil guys in foreign countries out to dry (in their own desert) and the only reason I am in a bad mood today is the fact that it is getting where good artist are having to fall along the wayside because of the terrible economy, to any artist reading this please hang on to your passion, your wits, tweak your game and maybe take the time to learn your skill  even better.

But for pete's sake do not let the quality of your work fall short, always be known for the quality of your trademark. A good artist is revered and collected and the time they took to research, refine and define their work will earn respect among collectors.  Just because the world is going cheaper by the dozen does not mean we can cut corners and let our art fall by the wayside or become pieces of throwaway junk.

Art will always be in our culture and our culture will always be judged by the quality of the art left behind in each and every generation.  Creativity  is how we define ourselves whether it be in design of our buildings, tech, clothing, pastel, oil or stone.

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