Monday, August 9, 2010


Welcome to my studio, my name is Peggy Campbell and I work in clay and cast in the lost wax process. You walk into my work space and it is pretty basic, just space and tools.  I have a 10 x 30 area and in one end you see my wax vats (two roasters, one set 180 degrees and the other set at 200 degrees) and the shelves of stored molds.

Another area is wax working table where I use hot tools to correct imperfections I find after pouring and rolling my molds. Not too many pieces come out without bubbles or indention's.

The area that I work involves dry wipe boards, research material tacked everywhere on cork boards (these I completely trash my walls with so that I have total immersion in that particular subject I am working on) and a working pedestal placed in a corner with mirrors located on both walls to view all sides of the current piece. By the way I have saved research pictures for years and have a multi-fold that I file under whatever subject may interest me. For my web please visit me at...

 I work in Chavant clay so my heating box is also located close to my working pedestal. I have a goals calendar which is dry wipe and everyone should have one.  It forces commitment and sets goals; "what are goals but dreams with deadlines". The opposite end is metal work, minor dremel work, armature construction and desk for record keeping.  I started in a room in my home so don't think artists have to have a huge work space. I also have a large area out back that is either closed in or outside that I use to work on stone since it creates a lot of dust and can really mess up the clay and wax area. Along with the space and tools are my safety features, I wear protective  eye wear when needed and mouth and nose protection. My area has both high ceilings and fluorescent lights and also windows for outside lighting.

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